Massive Two Day Time Capsule Auction

Primitives, Military, Toys, Collectibles,Rocks Gems

Living Estate of Donald Green


Date- Nov 18th & 19th, 2017


Address -6120 The Knolls

Lincoln, NE


Lunch and Restroom onsite


We are pleased to bring to you a massive private collection. 75% of these items have been so well cared for they look like they came out of a time capsule. We have so many great things that it will take us two days running two rings most of each day. You will not be disappointed there is something here for everyone. We will have a viewing on Friday Nov 17th from 3Pm to 6pm.


This is truly a great Auction. One that will bring back memories for all. Lot of great things we all grew up with and will remember. So please join us for a fun-filled few days. Nov 18th and 19th 2017.

Saturday, Nov 18th, 2017 10: AM

More new things found to be added to jewelry more gold and silver and a pocket watch. See new pictures. We will also be adding a 1950 Firestone outboard fishing motor, on Sunday and more Military on Sunday, Helmet, German SS danger, patches, medals, Just found. We are finding new things every day as we dig. 


New find of the day

we found 40 plus boxes of sewing material and supplies, plus 20 or so quilts in great condition.They will be sold the first day and will be added in at some point of the auction.

Vintage Toys Sell at 11: am

1969 Barbies, barbie doll house, Barbie travel case, Barbie Clothes, Vintage Board games, G.I. Joe Helicopter, Gold books, Crissy doll in the box, Race cars,  super jet water pistols in the box, Doll layette basket, the game pit, bip, football, vintage lego,Tonka, Buddy L, doll stroller, Schuco Micro Racers, more to be found. 

Gold & Silver Showcase Sell at 12: pm

14k and 10k rings, Dental Gold, Sterling Flatware

sterling jewelry, Pewter plates, and cups


Lapidary, Rocks, Gems, Fossils - will sell at 1:00 pm

We have boxes and boxes of Geodes of all sizes, this is a very large collection lots of finished product, Gems, petrified wood, Fossils, quartzite, fools gold, real gold, Ect., Cutting and polishing equipment, displays, books, lots of great stuff. 

Furniture and Mid Century Modern Sell at 2: pm       small side tables, blonde kitchen table and chairs, 4 hand painted kitchen chairs &folding table, vintage rocker, gray 5 drawer dresser, 5 drawer dresser/buffet, vintage standing closet, wrought iron bench with fabric seat,variety of stools,chest, several different kinds of cabinets, Hutch, bookshelves, chairs, recliner,wooden picnic table w/metal frame, Showcase w/glass shelves and top, Mid Century furniture, Mid Century Iron tv stands, Mid Century fiberglass Shade lamps, Retro poll lamp, Other Mid Century Lamps, Mid Century Fans, Much More.

Household Sell at 10: am and most of the day.

TuperwareEUC, Tons of unique drinking glasses & mugs, New coffee mugs, unique salt & pepper collection, a few small sets of China, lots of NEW utensils and gadgets, Pyrex, Fire King, Stoneware, variety of cooking dishes, coffee pots, Francoma, Tablecloths/placemats, fabric, doily’s, vintage hand towels, bath towels, blankets, tons of quilts & material, NEW rolls of yarn as far as the eye can see, needlepoint supplies, New slippers, Holiday wrapping paper rolls/ribbons/boxes, ornaments, vintage knick-knack’s, few small wall pictures & hangings, Brooms/mops, wicker baskets, Portable dishwasher,typewriter, vintage Kenmore Steamer, Christmas Decor, Vintage clothing from the 1960s and 1970s , vintage walking sprinkler. We are still finding things.

Primitives Sell at 2: pm with furniture

Yardsticks, Egg crates, a large variety of fruit crates, large pickling jars, Vintage canning jars, wood boxes, Flour sacks, wood crank wall phone, match safes, galvanized bucket and wash tub, Wagon Wheels, Quilts, Fruit boxes, Vintage woodwork black workbench , old ropes, salt glaze 3 gal redwing, other crocks 5 to 8 of them, gray parts cabinet, duck decoys, oil lamps, vintage cooking ware, salt crock, sad irons, Griswold Heart Star waffle iron very Rare, pop crates,we are finding more every day.



Day 2-Nov 19th, 10: AM


Vintage Paper Advertising& Signs 10: AM


Vintage books, Civil Air Patrol Sign, Railroad crossing with jewels, and crossing bar, File cabinets full of Photofacts folders for tv repair, vintage cans with advertising, Butter Nut, Tang, J. Edgar Hoover posters, Civil Air Patrol Posters, 100 or so postcards , Maps, Dennis the Menace, 1950s 60s 70s playboys, vintage newspapers from 1960 in perfect condition. Funny Face drink Can, boxes and boxes of paper.We will have Lots and lots of Paper!


Cars Will sell at 11:00

Ford F150 Truck 

Yard & Garden Equipment


Troy Bilt Rear Tine Tiller, Yard Machine snow blower, Electric mower, Wood Chipper, Wheel Barrel, Extension ladders, lots of good motor oil in the case still. 



Militaria Will Sell at 12: pm

 Military tube type radios, Hamm Radios, Airforce Radios, New in the box Radios from the 50s , Civil Air Patrol stuff, Uniforms, patches, ammo, medals, Stickers, lots of paper, pictures airplanes , Manuals, Radio Tubes, Radar Unit off of a B-17 , Screaming Eagles books, Radio Receivers, Large power units for Radios, Gas Army Generator,Civil Air Patrol sign, U.S. Army Signal Corps Transmitters TU-9-B, TU-26-B, TU-6-B, TU-5-B, TU-10-B, TU-8-B New in the box, Used Transmitters TU-7-B , BC -939-A Tuning unit, BC 375 Transmitter, Gonset Communicator 2, BC-939-A, Hammerlund Hamm Radio, speakers, Aircraft Radio parts, 1000 + radio tubes in the box new, Uniforms Civil Air Patrol and U.S. Army Few German Nazi pins, Large amount of training film from the U.S. Airforce 1950 or so, Tons of great stuff being found each day. 


Vintage Electronics 

100 plus vintage Tube type Tv's, lots of parts for Tube TVs and Radios, Vintage Radios, New in the box Radios, Tubes new in the box, Hamm Radios, 


Household Sell at 10: am and most of the day WE have lots of stuff We will sell general stuff both days.


Consign your valuables with us.

New Generation Auctions
1538 Court Street

Beatrice, 68310

Phone: 402-230-0054


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